What is "Roast to Order"?

Most coffee found in stores (you know, those rows of bags that scream for attention) will have an expiration date instead of a roast date--leaving you wondering how old the beans really are.

At Compulsion Coffee, every bag is made from ethically sourced beans and roasted after your order. This means you're getting 100% custom-roasted coffee that arrives just when it reaches its prime flavor.

What is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee refers to high-quality coffee graded 80 or higher on the Specialty Coffee Association scale (100 point scale). It is typically grown at high altitudes in ideal climates. Great care goes into every aspect from start to finish resulting in amazing and unique flavored coffees.

When will I receive my coffee?

Each order is a 100% custom product that is created after your order is placed. Our roaster receives each order and will add them to the queue to be processed for the day’s roast. Orders in the queue are processed every business day for the following day. The following morning they will roast and package your order.

Each order is unique and the shipping package and method are based on what is best for the package. In general:

1 - 12oz package ships via USPS 1st class

2-8 packages ship via USPS Priority Mail (flat rate or regional)

9+ ship via UPS ground

The order-to-ship time is generally 3-5 business days. Ship to delivery is generally 1-5 business days.

The result is coffee being delivered to you right at the peak of flavor!

Can't find what you're looking for?

Send us an email to tell us what's up and someone from our Customer Service team will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to include your order number (if you have one).

Please email us at contact@compulsioncoffee.com

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