About Us

If you are a musician, you may have heard of something called "Gear Acquisition Syndrome". It refers to the relentless urge to purchase or own more instruments and equipment with the belief that it will bring you more happiness or creative energy. Friends and loved ones will ask 'Why do you want another guitar?' for example. The answer to that question is difficult. Oftentimes, it's not that you want one but feels more like you 'need' one.

Coffee drinkers share a common trait. Being asked 'Do you want a coffee?' can often be interpreted as a rhetorical question. It also feels different than a 'want'. Almost like a compulsion to grab a cup.

Then there are people like myself who fall into both groups mentioned above. If you, too, can relate, whether specifically or in spirit, Compulsion Coffee welcomes you. This page may be about 'us' in the full sense of the word. Us here at Compulsion Coffee and you, our friends as well.

Compulsion Coffee aims to provide great, specialty coffee roasted to order and delivered fresh to your door. Coffee we know you will want (or need) to order again! 


The power of the bean compels you!